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Feasibility Studies

With vast experience in hundreds of clinical studies, MICHMER’s multi-disciplinary staff will bring excellent insight to our sponsors’ studies. Launching a feasibility study is an excellent step towards the success of a larger study. We encourage our sponsors to contact us to assist them in developing feasibility studies including all aspects of patient recruitment, inclusion and exclusion criteria, protocol writing and regulatory compliance.

Our staff identifies qualified principal investigators from a large list of potential investigators, considering experience and patient population. We do an in depth analysis of the feasibility of conducting clinical trials at the proposed sites.

Feasibility studies include but are not limited to:

Investigator workload based on participation in other studies

Investigators’ previous experience in similar trials

Understanding of GCP/ICH and HIPAA requirements

Previous experience with patient selection and retention

Investigator and site selection based on the number of eligible patients that can be recruited



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