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Our Focus

Focus on Quality:

To ensure clinical data accuracy and integrity, it is necessary to thoroughly review data, to assess the validity of outlying data points, and to carefully document query identification and resolution throughout a study’s duration.

Maintaining accuracy and quality throughout a clinical study is a continual, dynamic and challenging process. Although study requirements are carefully set forth initially in detailed documents, expectations and requirements can change during a study. This ongoing process requires revising mechanisms and communicating these revisions clearly to all investigators and support staff.


Managing Quality:

Ensures management of compliance with the protocol

Enables systemic problems to be resolved before the end of the study

Helps reduce data queries

Identifies ways to decrease the time of the processes leading to success of study

Ensures data integrity throughout the study's course

Ensures the accuracy and consistency of data in continuation until the study is completed

Plays a critical role in dealing with instances of nonconformity while carrying out clinical trials.


Focus on Innovation:

MICHMER is actively involved in assisting our clients with the development of strong early-on candidates for therapeutic products.


We are able to treat each project and each client uniquely. To do so, we implement commercial and in-house web based processes to tailor to our clients project’s needs.


We strive to optimize our clients’ values. We partner with our clients to find the best ways to manage and complete their projects.


Areas of Innovation:

Product Development





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