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For Patients
Clinical Patients in Trials

Each study is designed for a particular group of people, whose ability to participate in the trial is based on a detailed set of criteria. If you wish to participate in a study, you will be greeted by a clinical research coordinator who will ask you a series of questions regarding the condition of your health.

For Sponsors
Clinical Research Staff

MICHMER adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct with the safety of patients and volunteers as a top priority. We follow centralized and streamlined processes to conduct studies in efficient ways that reduce costs and save time and resources.

About Us
About Michigan Center of Medical Research

The Michigan Center of Medical Research (MICHMER) is the research arm of several medical facilities, hospitals, and physician groups in Michigan. We also collaborate with health institutions nationally and internationally to support leading healthcare research projects.


MICHMER is dedicated to providing value to the clinical research community, with an emphasis on patient safety and health. We work to improve the quality of life for our patients population, whether through new pharmaceutical drugs, new biotechnology devices, or novel methods of treatment.

For Investigators
Principal Investigators, Sub Investigators

The principal investigator is responsible for personally conducting or supervising the conduct of human-subjects research and for protecting the rights, safety, and welfare of the subjects enrolled in the research.

Medical Research

-MICHMER recently launched the East Michigan Chapter of the Community Cancer Research Consortium.


-MICHMER is currently working on a new partnership with Michigan Neurologists.

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